The Healthiest Choice

Chefsitos is a, 100% organic catering service company, empowering people to make healthy food choices. Our priority is to provide healthy, well-balanced meal options for you and your child while at day care/school.
Chefsitos makes it simple and affordable for parents to feed their kids fun, nutritious, and delicious lunches they'll love!

School Programs

Our programs fit the individualized needs of every school, meaning, we will serve all the products listed bellow:
  • - Fresh seasonal fruit
  • - Two meal options
  • - Vegetarian meal option
  • - Organic Milk cup (individual request needed)

Kids love to be fun and creative, which is why we build our menus with the intention to provide engaging and interactive food art. Our mission is to enable and inspire a lifetime of healthy eating and to have a great time doing it!

If we are not partners with your school yet, please give us a call or contact us via email to set an appointment and talk about the benefits and incentives you might be eligible to. We would love to hear about you!